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Functional mobile test automation

We support your agile development process through our mobile test automation software. Run advanced parallel testing on multiple devices for faster time to market.

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Manual bug reproduction

Live mobile testing in the cloud enables quick and easy bug reproduction. Tap into hundreds of TestObject’s devices. No emulators!

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Tailored services for enterprises

Private cloud? Express onboarding? Highly secure on-premise solutions? We offer all of the above and much more. At TestObject we tailor all our services to match the individual needs of our enterprise clients.

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Automated web testing

We support your agile development process with Sauce Labs, the largest automated testing cloud for web and mobile applications. Run advanced parallel testing across any browser or OS combination for faster time to market.

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How you can benefit

Access to hundreds of real Android and iOS devices to handle device fragmentation and hardware costs

Usage of pure open source testing frameworks: Appium, Robotium, Espresso

Access to a fast and reliable testing infrastructure for your agile development process

Support for shorter release cycles through extensive integration with Jenkins, Jira and Github

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Start your mobile testing on TestObject with uploading the web(app) you want to test on and integrate your build tool. Now you are all set and you can easily check if your app works as planned.


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TestObject offers both automated testing and manual testing capabilities. Utilise both methods for maximum testing coverage, or you can apply the testing method that best suits your individual business needs.


Get issue reports

After you’ve finished your performance tests and have identified the bugs that need to be fixed, our issue report will help you keep track of the issues identified, including screenshots, logs, and video capabilities.


What our customers say

Working with TestObject proved to be very satisfying. Not only the team helped us to find a great testing solution that would meet our requirements, but also worked closely with us to ensure that out agile testing processes could accelerate.

BW Bank

TestObject solutions made it clear that no in-house mobile testing setup can match a professional infrastructure backed by constant improvements. We do not have to take care of anything else but actual testing.

Michael Carnevali Telefonica
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