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Hundreds of real physical Android and iOS devices for your manual and automated tests

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Samsung Galaxy S7
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Why You’ll Love It

Test like a pro

No expertise needed. Get the most app testing you can with no further hassle. Anyone can use it!

«TestObject’s real devices in-the-cloud have saved me a lot of time and money. It’s awesome, way better than I thought it will be!»

Andrej Bronček Freelance Dev

Release your app faster

Detect flaws immediately and release a bug-free app straight away.

«Using TestObject’s stress test we spend 40% less time bug-chasing and provide our customers with fit apps faster.»

ApertoMove App Agency

Increase app ratings

Happy users are the key to success. Don’t give them any reason to complain.

«TestObject’s automated app testing before each release helps us deliver the best user experience and maintain our positive ratings in Google Play.»

Jonas Spengler, Komoot App Company

Some Key Figures

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Why Testing with TestObject?

There are 24,093* distinct Android devices. Is your app ready to shine on them all?

44% of users who experience a poor mobile app will delete it right away.

Avoid losing customers. Provide bug-free apps that look and work great on all devices and configurations.

Ensure positive Google Play and App Store ratings.

Don’t wait for the last mile to be informed of visual or functional flaws through your users’ comments.

Provide the best user experience straight away.

Never buy phones again!

You don’t want to buy the latest phones every month? Good. Let us buy them for you.

We’ll take care of maintaining the device center, buying new devices and all the time-consuming details.