Category : Product updates

New Feature: Chrome DevTools for Manual Testing!

Chrome DevTools allow developers to gain deep insights of their web apps through the live editor. It enables the modification of a web app without permanent change. Test it with a new Chrome DevTools feature – now available on TestObject for all iOS and Android manual testers. How to use the Chrome DevTools When opening …

Mobile Web Testing on iOS Devices

Do you want to test your website on iOS devices? Now you can do that on TestObject! With out newest update, we have also a network connection tester and we will help you to choose the most appropriate Appium version depending on what you want to test.

Mobile testing on iOS10? Yes!

It is really important to us to provide our users with the newest technology to make sure that their apps work flawlessly on the latest devices. We are therefore announcing that iOS10 landed in our DeviceLab together with the new iPhone 7! Check out all the devices running iOS10 and more news!  

Appium Tests – Faster than ever!

Isn’t it annoying to have wait between Appium tests because test videos and data have to be uploaded and saved? Did you answer the previous question with “yes”? Ok, so here it is: you don’t have to wait anymore! We were, in fact, able to reduce the waiting time between Appium tests to less than …