Automated Testing Manual Testing

Automated Testing


Access to pure Appium, Robotium and Espresso

Three of the best open source testing frameworks. These frameworks support test scripts in many languages and you can run tests on native, web and hybrid apps. Leverage our mobile testing technology and run multiple tests in parallel.

Set Up Continuous Integration

Connect to our RESTful API . We provide Ant and Gradle plugins to integrate with the build tools of your choice, such as Jenkins , Bamboo or Teamcity. Our guidelines make the setup easy and fast.

Quality checkup

Does your app launch on all devices? How is the battery power drain? Is your app design responsive? We’ll automatically run a set of tests on your app so you can be sure your app is in perfect health.

Receive Execution Reports

Analyze your test results with extensive reports with detailed execution results for Robotium, Espresso and Appium tests. The report includes all device and app logs, screenshots, list of issues and videos of the tests.

Supported Frameworks & Continuous Integration

Manual Testing


Reproduce your bugs

Easy bug reproduction in the same conditions your users experienced it, allows for quick fixes. Keep your app bug-free and ensure you only receive positive reviews in Google Play and Apple iTunes.

Adjust sensors and device settings

Trigger the sensors to see how your app reacts when the device is rotated or the GPS location changes. Control the regular device settings and switch the system language to test your localization.

Hundreds of real devices

Your users are using real devices, so should you! Monitor battery drainage and app crashes with our advanced mobile testing software.

Track your bugs

You’ll see the logcat output live in the browser. Download it if you need to. Take screenshots and download the image files. Connect to Github. We’ll then push reported issues to your Github or Jira repository.

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