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Sauce Labs Acquires TestObject

Sauce Labs, Inc., provider of the world’s largest cloud-based platform for automated testing of web and mobile applications, today announced its acquisition of TestObject, a real device mobile app testing platform. The combined solution positions Sauce Labs as the only vendor providing automated testing coverage across desktops, emulators, simulators, and real devices for web applications and mobile, web, hybrid and native apps.


TestObject's CEO Hannes Lenke talks to Irish Tech News: Describe the company – the elevator pitch … TestObject is a leading mobile app testing provider, offering comprehensive testing infrastructure. Our proprietary technology, supported by top open source frameworks, allows app developers and QA teams to shorten their product release cycles through sustainable testing environment. We specialize in crafted solutions and support enterprises through automated and manual mobile testing on private and non private clouds of real testing devices.

Mobile App testing with TestObject

Mobile testing is an absolute necessity, in the times when people have on average x apps installed in their phones, developers who want their apps to be successful have to meet 2 criteria: 1. Provide best user experience available. 2. Have great reviews on app stores. How to achieve that? By thorough app testing and this is where TestObject comes in. We strive to make testing as it should be: fast, affordable and most importantly effective.

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